• Do you play a trumpet, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello?
  • Do you wish you could play with music worship team, but don’t have sheet music?
  • Do you wonder what all those letters and numbers mean above the notes on a lead sheet?
  • Have you ever tried to play from a lead sheet in church, but get bored just playing the melody?
  • Do you think only the super talented people can improvise their own part?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this new series Improvise: Orchestral Instruments in Worship is for you! Learn the basic music theory needed to understand what information a lead sheet gives and how you can translate that on to your instrument. The book includes workbook pages to help you learn the music theory, but theory learned in isolation is not always practical. The Play Today sections help you apply the concepts and techniques into your playing using lead sheets of hymns. Follow a step by step guide to apply the theory to hymns in lead sheet format. You can start playing right away! Since improvising can be difficult if you can’t hear the melody or the chord structure, simple MP3 practice tracks are provided for each lead sheet which allow you to hear how your part fits with the whole. Links to publisher’s and composer’s websites allow you to download lead sheets and recordings to further develop and build your repertoire at each stage.

What you will learn in Book 1:

  • Find elements of a song
  • Decode a chord
  • Understand major and minor chords and how they are notated
  • Choose the notes to play
  • Play from a lead sheet using a capo
  • Transposition for transposing instruments
  • Learn slash chords
  • Follow a lead sheet arrangement
  • Create a motif
  • Play from a chord chart

Buy your copy of Improvise: Orchestral Instruments in Worship Book 1 here:1

Kindle – 19.95

Paperback – 24.95

PDF Digital Download– 19.95

Improvise – Video Course

Free copy of the book and practice tracks when you enroll in the video course

What are people saying about Improvise:

Christian instrumentalists find themselves faced with a new and mysterious challenge–how to create a beautiful and expressive part when looking only at a melody line and chord symbols. Kristen Campbell has done a remarkable job taking the mystery out of improvising from a lead sheet. By defining terms and taking a well-sequenced approach, her book gives even those with a rudimentary theory background a place to start. She leads the performer step-by-step to a greater proficiency in creating the musical line that will enhance both traditional or contemporary selections. The resources alone make it a valuable addition to any instrumentalist’s library.

Dr. Karen Kuehmann, Music Educator, Phoenix, AZ 

For orchestral musicians who have spent countless hours equipping themselves to play their instrument, it can be a frustrating realization to discover that modern worship practice has done away with standard musical notation, often leaving them completely sidelined. In “Improvise,” Kristin Campbell solves this problem for churches and musicians by applying her empathetic heart and musician’s skill to give orchestral musicians strategies that will once again allow them to use their gifts in the service of God and the church.

Dr. Ben Ebner, UNISON

For years I’ve struggled with how to best communicate with and equip stringed instrument players in the various worship bands I’ve led… This book by Kristin Campbell does all that I needed and more with a remarkable ease and simplicity while maintaining musical depth. From here on out, this will be a regular go-to tool as I meet with those who are already involved and those looking to be involved. Highly recommended!

-Joel Limpic, The Verses Project & Park Church, Denver

This book starts with the basics. It grows the student through very well thought out worksheets and examples. This book leaves you with a good understanding of how to implement guitars, stringed, wind and brass instruments into worship songs by use of a simple lead sheet. I highly recommend this book!

-Christy Galkin, Galkin Evangelistic Team

Kristin has provided in this short book an extremely helpful guide for those who desire to lead or play in a worship team. If you are considering adding more instruments to your worship service and are unsure of how to get started, this book will get you on your feet in a very practical way. It is a must read for our worship team members, and I’m certain you will benefit from it as well! I look forward to the release of its sequel!

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